An inside look at Justick’s electro-adhesion technology with NBC’s The Today Show.

New York — NBC’s The Today Show recently featured Justick’s electro-adhesion boards during its “What the Tech?” segment. Hosts Al Roker, Willie Geist, and Katie Linendoll highlighted the display boards as part of their roundup of tech gifts for its innovative ability to attract and hold in place papers, photos, and other objects.

Justick display, bulletin & white boards operate without the need for glue, pins, tape, magnets, or other traditional methods of holding objects in place. Instead, the products function via electro-adhesion technology, similar to the concept of static electricity, which can cause two surfaces to be attracted to one another. Simply place materials on the Justick patented surface and they will stick, just science…

Most are introduced to the idea of static electricity as children by rubbing a balloon against fabric, which then causes it to be attracted to other objects. Justick products advance this basic principle, allowing the boards to safely and securely attract objects through battery or AC power without damaging adhered objects.

Justick will revolutionize the way you present, teach, plan, advertise, display and communicate, making it suitable for nearly any environment, including schools, hospitals, homes, offices, and more. These display boards come in several different types and sizes to suit varying needs, with more models coming in the near future.

Justick products are successfully sold across twenty countries through appointed distributors globally. For more information visit
About Justick

Justick International is a South African company and inventor of the patented, award winning Justick electro-adhesion surface. Among its accolades are a gold medal in recognition of innovative excellence and the XEROX Innovation Award. Internationally known as a pioneer of quality technology, Justick creates products to simplify your world.