Justick, award-winning innovators of electro-adhesion products, is now carried by OfficeMax, a leading office and stationery supplies retailer in the United States.

Justick International’s products are now widely available across the United States thanks to their new wholesale distribution partners OfficeMax. This achievement marks an important step for the South African creators of the Justick product line, as they secure greater exposure in North America.

The Justick line of products is a dry-erase board which also allows all grades of paper and other lightweight materials to be quickly and easily displayed and rearranged on-the-fly. In contrast to traditional bulletin board, displays, and whiteboards, Justick uses advanced electro-adhesion technology that causes objects to cling to its surface. Electrical energy flows throughout the device, attracting materials and keeping them securely in place.

Justick’s products provide an alternative way of collecting and displaying objects and materials without the use of conventional methods such as sticky adhesive, thumb pins, tape, etc.  Not only do these potentially damage the attached materials, they often degrade over time. Rather, Justick display boards are powered by electric current in the form of either batteries or A/C.

The family of products offered by Justick are suitable for use in all areas of life. For educators, creatives, professionals, and more; Justick allow a unified workspace where a variety of media can be organized and/or presented. Its creative applications are virtually limitless and excel in a variety of uses: work and personal offices, desktops, exhibitions, jotting notes, attaching to-dos, brainstorming ideas, placing photos, presentations, and more.

Founded in 1988, OfficeMax is a leading retailer of office supply and stationery products in the United States. Recently, on February 20th, 2013, they announced OfficeMax will merge with another leader in the market—Office Depot—creating the largest office supplies chain in all of the US. This greater distribution means that Justick’s products will be available to a much broader audience.

About Justick International

Located in South Africa, Justick has engineered unique technologies to simplify workflow while promoting creativity and collaboration. Their creations are used by both individuals and corporations, including Bank of America, Xerox, Warner Bros., Pfizer, and more. Winners of the acclaimed Xerox Innovation Award, Justick continues expanding their current line of products to fulfil the creative and professional needs across the globe.